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Casio G-Shock GAX-100MSA-4ADR G-Lide Analog-Digital Red Men's Watch

AED 475

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Product Description

Introducing the summer version of the G-SHOCK G-LIDE sports watch product line with the module no. 5484, which is a favorite choice among the world’s top extreme sports athletes. This model is based on the GAX-100 large casing, which combines analog and digital formats to provide the information you need at a glance. The GAX-100MSA model is inspired by views of Hawaii’s stunning natural beauty. Semi-transparent resin is formed using a mixed color casting that mimics the gradation of dusk reflected by large waves or ocean surfaces. The overall color of this model symbolizes the grandeur of nature, and this model is suitable for use with sporty clothing and casual summer wear. In terms of function, this model is equipped with Wave Charts, which are required for surfers. GAX-100 has a dial at 10 o’clock which is an analog wave chart.Moon data and temperature measurements also provide intuitive wave information that supports your surfing, wherever it is.

Product Specifications

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