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Al Fajr WF-14S Digital Stainless Steel Women's Prayer Watch

AED 499

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Product Description

This is a remarkable specimen of the AL FAJR sport model watch with a Digital time display. The watch is made of a Plastic Transparent Round Case and a Rubber Strap. Case size 38 mm. Major cities around the world are pre-programmed on the watch. And any other location can be programmed using latitude, longitude, and GMT information. Azan times are calculated accurately, ALFAJR watch uses the local Taqweem or the most widely used Taqweem system for your city. Six prayer reminder alarms can be independently set to ring before or after each Azan. All prayer reminder alarms will automatically change according to the change of Azan times. This feature is used to record the last Sura name and Verse number you have reached in reading the Qur’an. Qibla direction can be displayed (relative to the North, Sun, or Moon). Also, you can determine the age of the moon. Prayer reminding alarm after the current Azan (up to 30 minutes).

Product Specifications

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